07 May 2007

Different kind of wool

I finished my skirt! I had a sewing blitz on the weekend - cut out the skirt on Friday night, got the main skirt sections sewn together on Saturday, and the tricky bits (zip, waistband, hand-sewn hem) done on Sunday - and wore it on Sunday night! Now all I need are some cool ankle boots or dress shoes... It fits really well (phew). Photo of it being worn to come!

Here's the inside of the waist facing... the black interfacing is the main thing you can see, as well as the thin strip of cotton tape to stabilise the waistband.

This grey wool (65% wool 35% viscose) is so lovely to use, almost like a high quality thin felt - and it doesn't fray, so I really didn't need to finish most of the seams, making for a quick project. I really need to get a slip, though, or add a lining.... it's a bit scratchy by itself.

And on knitting related news, I'm a fledgling editor for the Knitwiki! All I've done so far is add the ACT yarn shops... but hopefully there's more to come :) I'm on a steep learning curve with figuring out how the formatting works, and how a Wiki works in general.

Other project updates :

My first Mariah sleeve is done! Well, up to the point where I leave it on a shoelace until the rest of the cardy is up to the armhole level... So I can cast on the back tonight!

2 more mitred squares on my lap rug - up to 6 now. It's very cosy.

And my mother-in-law loves her Peppercorn Shawl, the colour was just perfect, too!


  1. That skirt is excellent - I love it! We really need an action shot though... The colour is lush too - beautifully wintery.

  2. Beautiful job on the skirt, and Im with TF, need to see it modelled please! Looks like a really lovely pattern. Can't wait to see the body of the Mariah start to grow too.

    Congrats on your editor-ship, looking forward to lots of good relevant content.

    How's the Pink Fluff coming on?

  3. OK, photo of skirt being worn will come... need to have a combination of daylight and photographer, but it'll happen :)

    Pink Fluff? What Pink Fluff? Sigh.
    Need to cast on the sleeves. Haven't done it yet... :p

  4. What a gorgeous skirt! You sew beautifully.

    Hooray for the peppercorn shawl. Bravo!

    Tell that wild girl Lulu that I admire her!

  5. I second the action shot! It's a beautiful skirt Jejune. A beautiful cut.

    Yay for Mariah sleeves!

    And I'm so glad your MIL loves the peppercorn shawl. It's a beautiful piece.


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