20 May 2007

Wool Fest fever

Well, what an exciting day! Lulu hadn't been to a Wool Fest before - the lights, the crowds, the yarn...! She's staying warm with Bells' blue scarf...

Lulu, that's not cake, it's soap!

Aaaaah, warm yummy things...

Lulu and Othlon fight it out for some cashmere fleece...

Most. Exciting. Moment. Ever. We were recognised! This is Gemma from Sydney, who walked up to Bells, Othlon, Lulu and me, and knew us from our Blogs (Lulu was the give-away) - how amazing is that?! She got to meet Lulu up close and personal, and I think Lulu behaved herself. (PS Gemma, if you don't want your photo online just let me know.)

I really wish Othlon and I were able to go to the SnB after the Markets - but an evening dinner engagement was already in place, which meant we had to curtail our afternoon activities :/ So my apologies to those I didn't get to meet. Another time...

Lulu went crazier than usual at The Opal Queen's stand - so much Opal in one place! It was all too much... *faints*

Lulu met quite a few children and knitters - one of whom recognised her pattern (from a Spin Off magazine), and a muggle who wanted to buy one like her (thinking I'd made lots and had them for sale - can you imagine the resulting CHAOS if there was more than one Lulu? Probably best not to...)

I was very restrained, and just bought one skein of BEAUTIFUL merino & possum laceweight from Fibreworks Hand Dyed Yarns. 95g of the softest stuff... I'm thinking lace. The colours are deep warm reds. Bliss!

Monday edit : I forgot to say, I very fortuitously bumped into Twitchy Fingers, which was wonderful, as I had a Barbie doll sewing pattern to pass on to her (cos every Barbie needs a wedding dress, t-shirt, shorts, overalls, skirts, and several evening dresses, and Othlon is over the Barbie doll thing - aren't you). It was so lovely to see her, and very lucky we happened to be in the same place at the same time, amongst that huge crowd. The Yarn (or Sewing?) Goddess was looking over us.

And to answer your question Cindy, I was wearing my new grey wool skirt (over a long black skirt, to give that very cool two-layered effect, and also stop the itchies), my new Kumfs shoes, purple Branching Out scarf, Voodoo wrist armers, and my Uzbek camel lace shawl (for a while, until it got too hot). So three things I'd made.

And Roxie, no-one won the fight over the cashmere fleece - waaay too expensive for the likes of us, I'm afraid :/ The Wool Fest is an annual event, and I'm pretty sure it's always in May (it was last year, at least). Taph would know for certain.


  1. That red yarn is delicious! All that yarn! I would have had to buy it all...

  2. thanks for being so nice to a total stranger, and for sharing Lulu. Photo is fine on web :)

  3. Thanks for posting those photos of the Canberra 'Wool week'. I was hoping to get down there but it wasn't to be. Maybe next year.

  4. Ohhh - I'm in the middle of a huge wool envy. I wished I could've been there. Is this an annual thingy? If so, me and bubs will be there next year, D.V..

  5. I had so much fun hanging out with Lulu. She rocks (as do you and Othlon).

  6. cindy cheerfully10:31 pm, May 20, 2007

    Wondering if you wore your new green scarf or any of your other creations to the show? How nice to see and be seen in a favorite scene! : )

  7. What a wonderful adventure! And oh how I envy Lulu, to be able to literally WALLOW in yarn! I notice you didn't let her get her sweet little paws on your cardinal-colored possum. Who won the fight over the cashmere?

    Thaks for the virtual visit to the Wool Fest. Is it always in mid-May? DH and I have been tossing around the idea of another trip to Oz before we get too creaky in the knees.

  8. That looks life a fun trip. The laceweight is lovely. I imagine it will turn out stunning!

  9. Lovely to see you all having such fun, and cant wait to see what your gorgeous new yarn becomes. You were certainly more restrained than I could ever hope to be!


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