16 May 2007


Damn blast and bugger! I've just received a postcard from Bodywise advertising their CLOSING DOWN SALE!
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!! I can't stand to wear anything else!!!!! This is just TOO awful :(


  1. Oh cr@p!
    Buy up big!
    Maybe if you stock up on a couple of years' worth it'll give you time to find something else you like?

    I am reminded of the episode of Married with Children when they discontinued the mum's favourite style and she tried to make a training one with one cup the old one and one cup a new one. And then her husband went and found every single copy of it in her size in the city.

    At least when you are stocking up you can get them for cheap!
    I would go insane if my underwear website went out of business.

  2. What a bummer - I agree, buy up big and stash it away!

    I would rather eat my own arm than shop for underwear, so I'm sharing your pain ;-)

  3. I haven't got my postcard yet so I had no idea.

    What on earth shall we do???? I love Bodywise.

    obviously the big sale where they were saved from closing down wasn't enough.


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