06 April 2007

Closing in

Thank you Bells for bringing in swatches and balls of Bendigo wool for me to check out last night. I've now decided that I really prefer Bendigo's Alpaca over Rustic. Unfortunately the colour choice in Alpaca is quite limited. I think Pistachio (pale olive green) is really too pale. Maybe. I think. I'm not sure! Aaargh...

Anyway, these are three other colours which could work. Tosca, then Briar Rose, and last of all Grey.

I've got to get a wriggle on, as to get my 10% discount (on my first ever Bendigo order), I need to place my order on Tuesday! Dear Dotter has decided she wants to make this too, so looks like there's going to be a mini Knit Along with Dotter, me, and Bells :)


  1. oh it's so hard to choose. And I'm not closer to deciding either. I think I like the reddish one best....I think....I love the pistachio but thinking back last night, it is a bit pale. Any of these choices are good.

  2. You could all knit one of each colour! I'd go for the Tosca - such a pretty blue. I've noticed when I've blog surfed recently that this jacket is getting a lot of reproduction in the knit world, so it's certainly popular!
    Thanks for your sympathy in my last post. I think if I'm just here in Wagga and live quietly for a while I'll be much better!Wednesday should settle these and other questions : )

  3. I've knitted with the alpaca before - you're making a good choice. It's lovely.

    I quite like the blue cause it's a bit denim-y.

  4. a whole new selection to choose from....you're not making this easy! I like them all....but just in case you're collating votes, mine is with briar rose.


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