23 April 2007

A weekend with Lulu

Last Saturday Dotter and I ventured forth to visit my sister and her family, plus my mum and dad and their partners. I baked diabetic-friendly Honey Jumbles with Purple Icing for afternoon tea. I was going to make regular pink icing, until Dotter said "Why don't you make purple icing?" - I didn't get it for a second - but of course, we have all these strong food dye pastes, which we use for wool. But they can also be used on --- food! They were yummy.

Lulu came along for the tea as well. She was mostly well behaved - she's sitting on my shoulder (and the eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that yes, I'm wearing my Alene Camisole over a black top, in public and everything!).

However, she did hop onto Dotter's lap and started getting tangled in the yarn from her Mariah sleeve - Dotter's retaliation was swift and fierce.... Lulu was forced to back down, with only a few nibbles and a pathetic bleat. Those cable needles are very handy!

And yesterday she gave her hoof of approval to the pink mohair stuff... although she did pull the swatch off its needles! Bad Lulu!

Not much knitting progress from me as my hands have been complaining and requiring rest :/ Bugger it. Hoping I can do some Mariah sleeve tonight.

But I did go to the fabric store today and bought nearly 2 metres of lovely wool blend cloth in a soft grey to make myself a winter skirt! Yummy :) It's Simplicity pattern #4966, if you can be bothered looking for it online. I can't find a way of directly linking to the Simplicity pattern views. Will take my own photo soon...

And last but not least, very proud mother here - Dotter has a pattern on Knitting Pattern Central - hers is the Pencil Case Hat!


  1. honey jumbles make me feel awfully nostalgic, for some reason. And the purple icing rocks!

    Lulu - ever the mischief maker. Thank goodness for the trusty cable needle!

    And news of Othlon's pattern publication is very exciting!

  2. That Lulu, she's always up to something...I think she a Pirate Jim would get along quite well! Although the ensuing mayhem doesnt bear contemplating. Pink is certainly her colour.

    Great news of Othlon's pattern publication - fame and fortune at last!

  3. Nice skirt - is it a bias cut?

    Honey jumbles are in the air - the kids next door came in to borrow some sugar to make them today.

  4. mmmmmmmmmmmmm honey jumbles! And you are sooo cute being the proud Mum, had a look at the hat and it looks great.

  5. The pink mohairy stuff does look really sweet on Lulu. I hope your hands feel better soon. That is so frustrating.

    Taph - people still actually 'borrow' sugar? I love that!

  6. HAHA! LOVE THE EARS on the Pencil Case hat! : ) Please let Dotter know ...


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