05 April 2007

Just keep knitting, just keep knitting...

This is my Spring Shawl - see the safety line, see, see?

So - everything is going along very nicely, but I thought I'd better have a peek at the pattern, seeing as we'd grown apart over the past few months. And I read this little line :

Repeat Rows 1-8 [ie the diamond pattern] until there are 195 sts on the needle.

Bottom Edge : etc

Um. I have 307 stitches on the needle.

Currently the (unblocked) shawl is 44 cm down the centre back (~17"). The pattern says that after adding the edge and blocking the shawl is 58 cm (23") down the centre back.

So - here are my options:

1) I just keep knitting the pink bit until the cone is empty. I can't get it off the cone to weigh it, but there's only 1 cm 'depth' of wool left before I hit cardboard. My main concern here is that I'm using the Caterpillar Yarn to do the edge (it's light greens and pinks and greys), and have 49g of it - I want to make sure the 'Caterpillar' Edge is reasonably wide.

2) I stop the pink bit now (I'm at the end of a pattern repeat as luck would have it) and get started on the Edge Pattern (8 rows of it). The shawl is going to get a fair bit bigger once I block it, isn't it?

Whaddayareckin?! I mean, a shawl can never be too big, can it?


  1. You have to keep in mind that the pattern is written for an 8-ply yarn and you are using 4-ply or so. I did 19 patterns repeats and its really a shoulder shawl (but i was limited by my amount of yarn.). If i were you i'd give it a few more repeats - you'll be grateful for a little extra shawl and i would think you'd be safe to do the edging (plus one pattern repeat) in your other yarn before you run out.
    hope this helps
    PS> do your kids have my scrubs dvds? i cant find them anywhere!

  2. OK, thanks Spidey - I'll just keep knitting, just keep knitting :) No point having any of the pink left over, really.

    I'll check with the kids about Scrubs - not sure. I know the boy bought almost the entire series new. But I also know that just about anything that is lost can be found in Dotter's bombsite - sorry - bedroom.

  3. it's looking gorgeous!

    is it a size you're happy with? If so, end it now!

  4. I'd keep that pink going. No point having a skimpy shaw (unless that's the look you're going for).

  5. There are merits to a short shawl. They work nicely under a coat when you go out and you get the fun of lovely pins and brooches to attach it on the lapel area or shoulder. I usually find I don't need to use a pin/brooch when I make a long shawl as I can wrap that over a shoulder. Essentially, I'd look at this as an accessorising opportunity; )


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