13 April 2007

Lulu by the Seaside

We're back! See, Lulu is fine. She and I went to the beach for 2 nights... along with friend J, of course ;)

This is Batehaven (not Maula Bay as I reported before, which is a little bit further down the coast)... the weather was lovely, warm, with cool nights. Gave J a sock tutorial this morning - her first time using DPNs and she even finished a whole mini sock! I got some work done on the Lap Rug and Spring Shawl too. Was good to get away... felt a bit torn, though, as Dotter has been dreadfully ill with raging flu this week, and has been bedridden for the whole time I was away.

On our way down on Wednesday we discovered The Braidwood Alpaca Centre - I took mere minutes to decide upon 2 balls of Rare Essentials alpaca, mohair and superfine merino, in Misty Raspberry (pic soon once I have daylight for photography). The shop mainly stocks things made from alpaca, from handknit baby socks to jumpers and hats- even the carpet is alpaca! But there is also a small section of Australian made alpaca yarns, in a variety of weights and fibre mixes. I told the owner about Knitty.com ;)
Anyway, it's worth a visit!

And while I was away, my Bendigo order arrived! Two days from ordering to delivery, bloody good. I just love the huge balls, they just look so plentiful! I'll keep you in suspense about which colour I chose in the end... photos tomorrow :D


  1. The one time I went to Malua Bay it was full of bluebottles and someone drowned. Nice beach though. I think I;ve been to Batehaven too in the dim distant past. Glad you had a fine time, Lulu looks SOOOO happy she must be a real old salt!!

  2. Hello Lulu (and Jejune).

    She is seriously the most photogenic Latvian sock puppet I have ever seen!

    I really didn't need to know about that alpaca shop so close to home, OR that you could get something called Misty Raspberry there. How am I supposed to diet, huh?

  3. Glad you had a good time and are safe home. Missed you.

    *Stamps foot* I was told there was no yarn in that shop, so have not been in. Glad you brought home a nice souvenir.

  4. Ah, for a good hol..:) And of course it wouldn't be complete without a little side trip to a yarn shop. :)

  5. The owner at the Alpaca Shop said that she would be getting even more yarn in soon, so it's worth a visit... she only stocks Australian-made stuff. There was a shelving unit about 1.5 x 2 metres full of yarn. So not masses, but a fair range of types, and a limited range of colours.

    And Sheep Ruster - awful story! I'm guessing you would have been at Malua Bay in summer? That's when bluebottles are their worst. And as for someone drowning - very very scary and tragic :( I've watched while someone was swept out in a rip and *nearly* drowned at Merimbula, and that was quite awful enough.

    Lulu says to you all : Mooooooooore ice creeeeeeam!


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