08 April 2007

Waratah and Baggy Progress

This week I've finally got back to Penny-in-Vienna's Waratah collage - sorry it's taken this long! Anyway, here is where I got to by last night. Hope to make more progress today. (The last pic of the collage is here if you want to do a comparison.)

Now, some of you may remember my huge floppy flop from November 2005, the French Market Bag from Knitty that felted unevenly, and left me with an expensive and mostly useless bag. I added a big button and loop to the top of the handles, but it didn't make much difference.

Well. I brought it along to Stitch'n Bitch last Thursday night, mainly so I could show Bells how bad it was. However, my rescue was at hand, as the fair Olivia came up with a brilliant idea - sew seams up the corners, to give it more structure, using pretty embroidery thread. Which in fact took only about half an hour, and has certainly been effective. I used lovely orange floss, and the sides no longer flop!

Thank you Olivia !!

The sides still bow out a bit, but I'm thinking of what I could do with more structural seams, or maybe even some boning. Actually, I think if the handles didn't flop, it would be more useful... hmmmm....


  1. Glad to be of assistance! I'm looking forward to see where you go with it.

  2. hehe me too, I'd like to see that french market revived. It's such a nice colorway it'd be a shame to put it one side.

  3. see now isn't that one of the great things about having crafty friends? Everyone's got a different view and one of those views is bound to be good and useful. You'll make something of that bag, for sure.

    And the warratah is lovely. They are such wonderful flowers to paint!


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