03 April 2007

High Five!

We had afternoon tea with my sister J and her husband M and my cute 16-month-old nephew B on Sunday. J is on a job exchange with the Australian Museum (she is a curator at the British Museum), so it's a real treat to have them living locally for a few months! Anyway, Dotter had fun teaching B how to do a 'High Five!' - he caught on very quickly, saying 'Ching!' along with Dotter too :) Both my teens then had fun helping B practice. Terribly cute! I suspect my two are going to be the older 'bad-influence' cousins ;)

And here are some more goodies - the Kaffe Fasset book was won by Dotter at the Harlot Happening (thanks Taph!), and will provide a great deal of inspiration, I'm sure. The TWO Addi Turbos (2.0 mm 120 cm for me to knit socks with, hopefully; 3.25 mm 120 cm for Dotter to finish her blue lace shawl) are from Stick To Your Knitting. Her prices and service are wonderful - and she's got an Addi sale on at the moment - check it out!

The Bendigo shade cards are occupying a lot of my attention at the moment, as I try to figure out what to choose for my Mariah Cardigan. And the 2 skeins of purple sock wool used to be white Patonyle (won at the Harlot Happening). Dotter has dyed them for me, using the Wilton's purple food dye paste that I got for her a few weeks ago, when Bells led me astray by taking me to The Essential Ingredient in Manuka - Bad Naughty Bells! ;)

And this is my puppy (well, she's 11 but tiny) guarding the sock wool, and enjoying the autumn sunshine on her arthritic joints, thinking, "Oh God, not another bloody photo..."

I'm still not feeling well - sort of up, rugged up at the computer, sipping green-tea-with-apple-juice (yum), and dosed up on Panadeine. Blogging looks like a good alternative to productive work right at the moment!


  1. oh the purple dye turned out magnificently!!! I love it.

    And B is such a little muffin. What a cutie!

    Umm..isn't 120cm way too long for socks??? I have no idea how you do that...oh is that magic loop???? I should learn that!

  2. Yeah, I'm planning on trying out the Magic Loop method, which uses only one circ... there is another variation which uses two shorter circs, too.

  3. Oh puppy is too cute. What a darling little dog.

    Obviously there is too much excitement in Canberra, as everyone seems to be ill. Get well soon.

  4. Oh - your puppy is adorable. I don't know how I missed this picture when you posted it, but I did... ooops...

    BTW - thanks for the photo, I put it up on the blog.

    Cheers, Miss Ginger


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