01 April 2007

April Fool's Lace

So I'm sitting there watching Miss Marple, and knitting my Spring Shawl for the first time in a few weeks...

All is going well until I get to the second half of the next knit / pattern row. Suddenly the pattern isn't working! I undo a few stitches to see if I'd made a mistake just then, but on closer inspection, there was a MAJOR problem for the whole left half of the shawl, down for about 5 or 6 rows. The central decreases in the diamonds were sitting on the left of the diamonds. I looked at Dotter, Dotter looked at me, we both knew there was only one thing I could do....

I threaded some apricot coloured sock yarn onto a needles, and ran a safety line through what I hoped was one row of the shawl, about 6 rows down. Then I unravelled those 6 rows (~1200 stitches!), and am now in the process of slowly picking up the stitches and hoping that the pattern is still OK, and that I'm picking up the right number of yarn overs and so on! I'm halfway through the picking up... will do the rest tomorrow. Sigh. This is what I get for trying to be clever and knitting lace while I'm talking or watching TV. Can't be done!

So here are my Lace Resolutions : I shall pay more attention to my lace, forsaking all others while knitting it, including girlfriends and telly. I shall thread in a safety line. I shall not get too big for my lace knitting boots. Did I mention safety lines? I'll mention them again. I shall thread in a safety line.

I wonder if I can blame this one on Lulu?

Monday update : I've got all the stitches back on the needles, and one row has been knitted, with each and every stitch fixed so it sits the right way on the needles. Back in business! Lulu is looking - well - sheepish...


  1. Oh I'm so sorry. I'm sure it was Lulu who distracted you first.

  2. if she was nearby, i'd definitely be blaming Lulu. She's a rascal that one. Keep an eye on her.

    My heart just breaks re the frogging. Frogging lace is probably one of my biggest nightmares!

  3. Oh but it's so satisfying to get back on track. I'm sure it will settle down and behave now you've shown it who's boss!

  4. i think even i had a little heart attack then! the end result will be so worth it tho!

  5. And even after the warning that you gave me.... ;)
    Glad to hear it has recovered from surgery!


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