15 April 2007

Mariah - the first sleeve!

Finally - a start to actual knitting on Mariah! I've finally cast on this afternoon. I had to knit 2 gauge swatches, on 4.5 mm and 4.0 mm needles, getting gauge (20 sts to 4") with the smaller needles, and a washed / blocked swatch.

Mariah starts with the sleeves, and they're knit flat. Here's the first row :

The cuff finished. K2 P1 rib with small cables :

And where things are up to now - I'm about to start the side increases. Note the coloured-in cable chart to help me read the pattern ... it's quite a complicated cable pattern, and I'm needing to use a Post-It note to keep track of my rows. It's so soft - very happy with the alpaca!

Dotter is probably going to continue the ribbed cable pattern (Chart A) for the entire sleeve - she is worried about managing the middle cable pattern. I think that will look really lovely too :)

Good grief - I have 8 projects on the needles! How did that happen?!


  1. yes, we each have a lot of projects on the needles!!!

    Looking fab. I have had to frog mine once so far but I think I'm onto something now.

    Yay! We have lift off!

  2. oooooooh pretty.
    and 8 projects sounds a tad light on... are you sure you have enough socks on the go?

  3. Looking great so far. I'm very much in awe, I have never tried cables and they terrify me. I am not worthy [genuflects].

  4. the eight projects just sneak up on you when you decide you need something really quick and simple for the waiting room at the doc's, or visiting AP's. Your knitting is beautiful.


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