05 April 2007

What's missing?

I've been browsing through the Phildar web site (does anyone know how to find free patterns? I've joined up and everything, but can't find nuffin - maybe there aren't any?). Anyway. This photo just jumped out at me.

The bolero is nice, the girl is pretty - no problems there. But damn it - she has NO ARMS! Well, she does, only she's starved herself so she now belongs to the Phasmatodea family and eats insects a bit skinny. The combination of normal-person-sized bolero, gauzy shirt, and thin arms is just - well - either perfect, or scary, or perfectly scary!


  1. *snort*

    What a funny photo!!! Doesn't anyone edit these things?

  2. sorry, does she have arms?!!??
    'cos I can't see any (which kinda gives the pic a whole nother degree of weird...) =)

  3. You'd like free patterns?

    Knock yerself out on this site! :)


    After you have clicked on a catalogue on both this page and the next, be sure to click the English flag to actually get the pattern.

  4. Let's try that again shall we ...


  5. Oooh thank you for the web link Janette - they're excellent!

    I was reading about Phildar in Amy Singer's 'Web Watch' in the latest Interweave Knits, and now that I re-read it I see that there was no mention of their having free patterns, so that was my misunderstanding. And now I notice that she mentions Garnstudio too!

  6. that is sooooo freaky...
    "lose kilograms of ugly fat... arm removal is the new yoga!"


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