10 April 2007

Cosy Lap Rug, and Marshmallow Abominations with Beach

Here is the mitred square Cosy Lap Rug I started on the weekend - Dotter was clearing out her stash, and there is a pile of this pink boulcé... it's 46% merino, so not *entirely* artificial. I'm casting on 81 stitches, and then doing the middle decrease thing every second row, and adding stripes of other 'need to use up' stash stuff when the mood takes me. Colours are pretty saturated here, even after some Photoshop work... It's bright! I don't really enjoy knitting bouclé, as I've mentioned before. Still, it's mostly easy knitting.

A mini Easter tale for you - my FIL is 84, has severe Asperger's, dementia, diabetes, and chronic infuriating hubris. A difficult man. He still lives alone (but with support such as Meals on Wheels) as he refuses to even discuss alternative living arrangements. We're his only family in town. Don't get me started.

Anyway, we brought him over to our place for Easter dinner. I cooked a roast leg of lamb, roast veg, and a special Plum & Hazelnut Flan, which was gluten-free and low-GI for the diabetics (FIL and Dotter). We also gave him a sugar-free chocolate bunny. He brought chocolate for us all - a big Ernest Hillier bunny for both the teens, a big bag of Cadbury's small filled eggs for hubby, and this for me :

He thought they were hot cross buns, as in bread. He can't see well or read with any real level of comprehension any more, so I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised. I don't really care - I wasn't expecting anything, and don't want too many tempting choccies anyway. But still. He doesn't understand money any more either, so the fact that he spent 10x more on the kids and hubby neither registers with him nor surprises me.

This is what they looked like. If you're not a marshmallow aficionado (I'm not, unless they're on a stick at a BBQ), these are pretty awful. I got through one, and then threw them out, as the kids and hubby didn't want them either.

And this is where I'm headed tomorrow morning, with girlfriend J, on another of our not-regular-enough Thelma & Louise escapes (with less crime ;). She (and her hubby and 2 kids) have a small cabin at Malua Bay (just south of Bateman's Bay - it's about a 2.5 hour drive from Canberra). I took this photo in March 2005. It's been that long since I got away from the family for a holiday. A whole 3 days & 2 nights without family responsibilities - wish it could be a bit longer!

I'll be teaching J how to knit socks (using the mini sock pattern by Kate Atherley, on Knitty), and then J's hopefully going to embark on her first ever socks for herself, using the Patonyle she won at the Harlot Happening. Watercolour painting, drinking rosé, walking on beaches, knitting, reading, cups of tea, and sleeping in are likely to happen! So I bid you adieu - catch you on the weekend!

Any recommendations for yarn shops on the way through Braidwood - Bateman's Bay etc?


  1. the rug will certainly be bright!

    I dont do marshmallow either...well maybe in rocky road in a moment of weakness. Gotta love the in-laws, bless his cotton socks.

    Have a fabulous time in a gorgeous corner of the world.

  2. Don't ya just love Aspies! I think my dad is one - it makes it a bit easier to forgive him - happy Easter lovvie!

  3. Have a great time away - it sounds really good!

  4. enjoy - no yarn shops in that part of the world that i know of, maybe at bungendore? xx

  5. I wanna go too. *stamping my feet* It's not fair. I want a little hideaway.

    And i want to make mitred squares. I don't know how. but I think I want to learn.

    LOVE marshmallows with all my heart but they look just a bit OTT!

  6. Oh, I LOVE the way you've distributed the textures and the shades in the mitre. This will be a gorgeous rug.
    Marshmallows are one of those things that taste better burnt!
    Have fun at the cabin! I think you need the break - 2007 has been a tad tiring for you so far.


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