20 April 2007

Totally uncalled for cuteness

My puppy Lily is a purebred short-haired chihuahua. She's my baby - well, an 11 year old baby ;)

This was the remains of our small Easter lamb roast - but big for Lil.

Wouldn't it be cute if Pierre and Lily got to meet? Hmmm, no, actually, it wouldn't cos Lily is very territorial and would just yap for an hour. This incessant barking when people or dogs come near or, heaven forbid, inside the house is my main problem with her. Still, she's an effective guard dog!

Can you tell my brain is mush? I should be working, but can't think clearly at all (this virus keeps coming and going).... blurgh.


  1. my friend jo in sydney is a collector of those little rats - er sorry chihauhas. she has one in particular who looks just like your lily by the name of montezuma (monte). last time i was there he decided he would like me, after hating me, yapping at me and threatening to bite me, for months before. now he is the perfect little handbag accessory - i just need to find him a little pink diamante collar and i would be prepared to take him shopping with me :)

  2. he he too cute.

    How do Lily and Lulu get on? Is Lily territorial about the resident Latvian Sheep? I can't imagine who would come off worse in an encounter between those two!

  3. Chloe says "Hi! to Lily. Have you knit Lily a winter sweater yet? A cute hoddie would be nice - I bet she'd look great in just about every color.


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