27 April 2007

Waratah & Mariah

At last the Waratah collage is finished! I need to look at it for a few days to see if anything jumps out at me and needs to be changed, but I'm pretty happy with it. It will be packaged up carefully and shipped to my friends in Vienna next week!

Yesterday Dotter and I had a lovely morning tea / lunch at Bells' place! It was so nice to actually visit her home, and enjoy her excellent cooking (Honey Jumbles, and a delightful tomato, basil and fennel soup with pasta, and sour dough bread!).

The three Mariah sleeves got together - we hadn't really twigged that we'd all chosen blues, until we put them all side by side! Sadly, Bells realised that her sleeve was too narrow, so we supported her while she ripped it back to the cuff... the cable work is fun to knit, so hopefully it won't take her long to recoup her losses. My sleeve is the only one of the three which has the original Mariah cable pattern on it - the others are lovely adaptations! Mine is much slower to knit!

Lulu and BB got cosy on a chair - Lulu found the wine (as ever)... they were very quiet while we were chatting away.... hmmm... The lovely blue floaty lace on the side is Dotter's Icarus Shawl (Interweave pattern), with the finest softest lace weight you can imagine. It's her first lace!

Please excuse my non-posting on all your Blogs this week - have been busy / out / working (shock horror!). Will catch up over the weekend!


  1. That waratah is amazing - I imagine it would be even more fantastic in person (so to speak). You three are all very clever with your Mariah cables - they all look great.

  2. Well done on the waratah collage Jejune. It's spectacular! You've got the colour (as it looks on my screen at any rate) just right. So vivid and so Australian!

    Do you think Lulu needs some help with her drinking???

  3. The waratah collage is just beuatiful Jejune. I'm sure the recipients will treasure it.

    Take care of yourself, working so hard.

  4. Love that waratah! I love seeing the Mariah cables together, it makes it so interesting, everyone knits differently. I know how it is with work, take it easy. :)

  5. Trying again to post a comment. Everything looks fine and then my comment doesn't appear! Just wanted to say how much I love the Waratah - can't wait to have it hanging on my wall here in Vienna. Also can't wait to show my friends and tell them about my friend the brilliant artist. It will be so wonderful to have a little piece of Australia (and a little piece of Jejune) here in Austria.


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