24 April 2007

Wonderful SnB & MoXWord!

Warning - shameless self-promotion follows :

My business has just launched MoXWord, crosswords for Java-enabled mobile phones. There are only a couple of other similar midlets in the English-speaking world. My husband wrote the midlet (yeah, he's frighteningly smart - this sort of programming is his relaxation - he's a theoretical astrophysicist 0_o) - the development took about 3 months - and I wrote (and will keep writing) the crosswords.

MoXWord isn't available commercially to individual users yet (this will come soon), but it is available to media outlets via my syndicator (information on my web site if you're interested). However there is a free demo available now! If your mobile / cell phone is 2 or 3 years old, and can run Java MIDP 2.0, you should be able to give the demo a try. I'd love to hear what you think!

OK - self-promotion over (it's safe to open your eyes now) ...

And now onto the serious business, KNITTING! We had a brilliant Stitch'n Bitch at Woden tonight - I don't know how many people came, around 15? About 3 times as many as usual! What a great collection of creative, funny, intelligent, lovely women (((hugs)))!

We had new people, and lace shawls, and mittens (yay Kuka!), and socks, and amazing felted bowls, and tops, and books, and scarves, and the 3 Mariah cardigans in the same place for the first time! Here's my Mariah sleeve now (and yes, there is supposed to be a break in the cable pattern in the region below the needles - honest!) :

Proto-Skirt : And here's the grey fabric (65% wool 35% viscose), pattern, thread, zip and interfacing for my skirt! I had to go back to the shop today to find out the care instructions for the fabric, as I'd forgotten to ask yesterday... hand wash, which is fine (I was worried it was dry clean only). The woman at the shop kept saying"Make sure you don't rub it, and don't use hot water, and ..." - I don't know, can't she tell I'm a knitter?! LOL ;)

Will pre-wash the fabric tomorrow, and make a start this week! I'm making the long skirt with the pointy hem (but no frayed edges, as the wool won't fray).


  1. Looks like a skirt I already own! : )

  2. Congrats, too - on MoXWord! : )

  3. So proud of you I could burst! Love MoXWord!

    I counted 16 at SnB last night - our biggest yet in Woden and WONDERFUL. We are all loving the Mariahs.

    Your skirt will be just gorgeous.

  4. yay Jejune! Wish I had a java enabled phone. I think your husband must be one of the smartest people around. He writes code for relaxation????

    We really need an in progress shot of our Mariah's side by side, well the sleeves anyw. I'm inspired by you and Othlon doing this with me!

    I love the heavy fabric you've chosen for the skirt. I will watch closely your progress!

  5. Love the components of the skirt, I will be waiting to se how it progresses.

    Yes, please to Bells suggestion of a group shot of the Mariahs as they progress, they're all looking great already.

    You and hubby are sooo clever, well done and huge congrats!

  6. I'm letting my friends know. I love the Mariah pattern.


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