30 March 2007

Mariah, Mariah, will you be mine?

While I wait for my Bendigo Woollen Mills' sample card and order form, I'm having fun planning what to knit next - a wintery cosy project, preferably with cables. I like Mariah!

(Later the same day, dear reader) My Bendigo sample cards have arrived - lovely! And the prices are just amazing. I'm tending towards the Alpaca at the moment...


  1. You know, I'm really inclined to cast this on when you do and we can have our own knitalong! I'm sure I have enough Bendigo to do it!

    You can tell me not to be a copy cat if you like!

  2. I think your thinking on this one, Bells. That would be fun :D

  3. ooooh I like mariah too =)

  4. Be wary of the hood though. Dunno if it was just a problem on the hoodie that I knat last winter but it actually pulled the jumper down at the neck, and left my neck colder, except for when the hood was on, which was pretty much never. Especially when I ripped the bugger off. Hehehe.

  5. Thanks for the comments re names - yep, it's a good thing she's a girl!

    Can you remember what the yarn is that you made your branching out scarf from?

  6. I've edited my previous post to give the details of the yarn I used for Branching Out... It was Oro Inca 70% baby alpaca, 30% silk (made in Peru) from The Alpaca Centre, Berrima.


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