29 March 2007

Blocking Branching

Here it is, my Branching Out scarf, in baby alpaca & silk, blocked on my bedroom floor. It grew! It's a fair bit longer now than BW (Before Water). And the pattern is much easier to see - so pretty!

I used 2 balls of Oro Inca 70% baby alpaca, 30% silk (made in Peru) from The Alpaca Centre in Berrima. I don't know if they still stock it - I bought it in July 2006.


  1. Bewdiful! just in time for the autumn neck chills.

  2. My God, I didn't realise you had a son with Aspergers too! We we separated at birth or something!

    Beautiful scarf, BTW, I expect the Canberra mornings are getting a little chilly now too!

  3. it looks gorgeous!
    and don't you just love the jet colourways??!!!
    BTW, I've linked to the attached i-cord tutorial on my post now, it was really easy to follow and now I just want to attached i-cord everything! lol =)

  4. Sheep Rustler - I have a husband with ADHD and a bit of Asperger's, son with mild Asperger's, and daughter with ADHD. What can I say? Life is somewhat STRESSFUL AT TIMES. I'm sure you can relate! Knitting is GOOD therapy (cheaper than a psychologist - well, mostly ;)

    And Kuka - thanks for the link to the i-cord tutorial, will check it out quick smart :)

  5. Jejune you should be so proud!!! That is one stunning scarf. I'm suffering extreme scarf envy here. I'm going to make it!

  6. Absolutely stunning scarf - I wouldnt wear it to SnB, you wont make it out alive! covet, covet.....Beautiful work.

  7. The Good Thing TM about alpaca and silk - doesn't felt when I drool on it and pet it muchly. Great job. :)


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