21 March 2007

Testing, Testing, One, Two, Three

Bear with me while I hack some code - I'm trying to see if our X2 Online Crosswords (software written by my very clever hubby, crossword written by myself) can run in my Blog... no luck yet....

Hang on...

W00t! It works! I have to host the X2 Java Applet on my server, and then simply put the appropriate Applet code and parameter listing into the post text - dang, the thing runs. COOL.

To play, just click in a square, which will bring up the clue. Type away! The "Letter" button will reveal a letter (ie cheat). Cheated letters have a small square in the corner. "Tidy" will remove incomplete words and incorrect letters. "Reset" clears the grid so you play again. Enjoy!


  1. wow - nice work on the tricky codes!
    Love both your paintings!

  2. How much fun is that - clever people in the Jejune house.

  3. Love it. And it's an online crossword that my workplace hasn't blocked! (Heh, give then time..)

  4. oh that's good fun. I like it!!!


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