25 March 2007

Cotton & Chocolate

Here are the paintings I did this weekend. Both paintings are now up on my Knitting Art site, too.

The first one is "Cotton Lace", as both the mat and the knitting are cotton lacework. The knitting is my singlet top - the one in 12 ply cotton that I keep unravelling and starting again. I had to crop this painting quite a lot, as the painting of the knitting didn't work out so well. I'm not 100% convinced that this painting works well... hmmm....

This painting is called "Hot Chocolate", and features one of the Time Thief Beanies (Taph's pattern) in lovely pink-variegated Jet. I'm really happy with how the fabric worked out. I painted this one quickly, and it worked out fairly well.


  1. I think you might be right about the first one. There are elements of it that work well (I think the lemon is a nice touch) and the lace work is good but I liked earlier ones better.

    However, the hot chocolate one is wonderful. Very simple and appealing! Something to be said for just getting a piece painted quickly I think!

  2. Damn - you did it again. Lovely, Jejune. I quite like the cropped nature of the first one. Intimate.

    And I seem to be following Bells around in a kind of comment conga.


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