08 March 2007

New Knitty & New Kitty

Oooh, the new Knitty is out! I'm definitely going to make the Monica top for my niece Ruby! I really like Isabella too... Lovely to see so many Aussie designers too, must be a record!

Dotter and I visited our lovely friend Susan today (Hi Susan!), and - apart from having a most delightful afternoon tea, with knitting and tea in china cups - we met two of her cats (the third one was hiding). Lulu came along too, and wasn't at all intimidated by the size of Truman; the whole carnivore / herbivore dynamic was just lost on her. I think she was lucky that Truman was more focussed on the sausage rolls than fresh lamb!


  1. I counted two Aussies - did I miss some? Truman missed a marvelous opportunity. ;)

  2. I found 3 - the designers of Ribena, Monica (Aussie living in the US) and Palette.

    I'm sure Truman is plotting now, since he's no doubt read this post and got some IDEAS!

  3. I swear Lulu is THE most photogenic Latvian sock puppet I have ever laid eyes on!


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