22 March 2007

The Yarn Harlot Crossword!

I wrote this crossword for our Harlot Happening - and you can now do it online! If you can't view the puzzle below, you can also do it on my business web site. Instructions below. Enjoy!

Your browser does not support Java, so nothing is displayed.

The Tidy button removes incorrect letters and incomplete words
The Letter button reveals the letter in the highlighted square
The Word button reveals the highlighted word
The Reset button clears the grid
Any 'revealed' letters have a small square in the top right hand corner.

To move through the grid, use the Arrow keys on your keyboard, the Return key, or your mouse to select words. Clicking in an interconnected square will toggle between the Across and Down words.


  1. this was great! i love crossword puzzles, and this was a fun one


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