17 March 2007

Time for Tea

This is the painting I did today, and I'm really happy with it (doing the happy painting dance!). I developed a special technique to get the knitted fabric looking OK. Still a ways to go with painting knitting, but I've made some leaps ahead today!

This painting is now up on my CafePress shop ... I've ordered CafePress things before now, and their quality is really good. You'll need to scroll down the page a bit to see the main Pink Shawl items - cards, posters, etc.

Edited : OK, now I've set up a special Knitting Art Cafe Press shop, just to see if this thing will fly or not... lots more paintings pending, of course!


  1. Gorgeous - just like being at your table. :)

  2. oh well done! I'd hang that in my house. Tea, lace and knitting. Three of my favourite things. I think you've progressed really well!

  3. Wow this is my favourite painting yet! It's just beautiful. And I agree with bells: tea, lace, knitting= heaven!!! Hope you're really well *hugs*

  4. tee hee! Proud owner of a pink shawl tote bag! *doing a jig* I hope the cafepress shop is a winner ;) xxx

  5. You're the first in the world, Knittydoll! Thanks for making my day :)

  6. oh wow, u're a genius! I had a glance and i actually tot it was the real thing until I pause and look.


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