17 March 2007

Watch the weather!

One of my favourite web sites - you can watch an animated radar image of rainfall over the Canberra region... it's live. Just thought I'd share :)

Off to clean up - 3 hours to go. Kitchen, bathroom, hallways, living room, back patio still to do.

I finished the second Time Thief beanie last night - pics to be posted.

7.30pm - OK , the visit by the house owner went very well, she is very friendly, same age as us, and thought the house looked great - better than she'd remembered! She didn't make any 'I'm thinking of selling' noises - and we did mention the bad state of rental availability in Canberra, and how we are (mostly) happy here... so hopefully nothing more will happen. She has promised to organise for more tam bark to be delivered for the front area which was mulched, but now looks a bit 'threadbare' with black plastic showing up on the dirt, and couch grass turning up where it's not wanted.


  1. you will be in serious need of SnB time tomorrow Jejune. I hope you get through today ok and can come along tomorrow???

    And I really hope they don't sell your house. You don't need that.


  2. i hate landlords. no help to you of course, but im right with you. mine want to come here in a week to 'clean out the gutters' - yeah right - like you do that AFTER summer. they're not getting inside thats for sure. hope to see you tomorrow.


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