22 March 2007

Row-Counter Bracelet

This is my door-prize contribution to The Harlot Happening tonight - a row-counter bracelet with matching stitch markers! Made with wooden and glass beads on black leather thonging, and proper jewellery clasps etc. So much more classy to use than a plastic row counter gadget (although I concede it's a bit more fiddly).

You wear it as a bracelet, and use it like an abacus - the big beads are the 10s, and small beads are the 1s. The red bead is 50, the yellow bead is 5. You simply move a bead past the stretchy beaded ring (currently sitting on far left of the bracelet) each time you complete a row. The dangly beads on the right of the bracelet are the marker that tells you which end you're counting from. All a bit of colourful fun!

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  1. Did you make the row counter? If so, do you sell them or would you provide instructions?


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