27 March 2007

Branching OFF at last

Hoo-bloody-ray - didn't get to SnB tonight, but DID sit down and finish my Branching Out scarf - which I cast on an embarrassingly long time ago (July 06 !)... still needs the ends woven in and the whole blocking thing, but it's Off the Needles, ta dah! Photos to come, once I've got it pinned down.

The trick of late is finding a place to spread towels and special knitted lace that is somewhat clear of dog fur - I honestly don't know how one small white short-haired chihuahua can shed PILES of fur. Buckets of the stuff. It's like she's a Fur Tardis.


  1. Well done! there's nothing like having the long standing project off the needles at last.

    I'll look forward to seeing yours - it's one I'm contemplating making soon so I'll enjoy seeing it up close.

  2. Yahoo - a FO. Can't wait to see how the alpaca turns out. It was the purple alpaca, I think?

  3. Fur Tardis - I like that. Definitely a description of Sirius. Bigger than a chiahuahua but still very short coated, yet everything in the house is covered with ginger fur. I once attended a focus group on teatowels (don't ask, I got paid, it covered the mags I went to buy in Borders immediately afterwards!) where all the other women said that everything in their house had to match. I restrained myself from saying that everything in my house matched, too - it was all covered in dog fur.

  4. Sounds like you need to spin dog hair! I have the same porblem with my knitting familiar so I usually just spread a clean sheet on the floor of a room with a closeable door and block on top of that. And leave the door closed ; ) Looking forward to photos!

  5. there was an snb recentaly???


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