05 March 2007

A bush weaving

We're just back from my brother's 'weaving' (his preferred term for wedding) - here's the very happy couple, along with their daughter. The bride, my lovely sister-in-law, looked like a Grecian goddess :D

Here's the collage I made for them - it's Christmas Bells, in their 'wedding colours' and an Australian native. I framed it with a deep red matt and black frame - looked quite stunning if I do say so myself!

My missing camera memory card was found in dotter's room - I'm sure that Lulu put it there... what she was doing mucking about with my camera we'll never know!


  1. welcome home :)
    what a gorgeous couple!

  2. oh how beautiful!! I wore red too so I'm a fan of red 'weaving' dresses. I love that word as a replacement. Nice.

    And of course Lulu is to blame whenever there's mischief!

  3. looks like a beautiful occasion.. i'd love to see more pics!! & your collage is very beautiful *-*


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