11 March 2007

First attempt

This is my first attempt at painting knitting... it's quite a challenge to get the feeling of fluffy fibre with a water-based flowing medium! This is my 'birdy' teapot cover which I made last year. I have shifted the colour of the table-top using Photoshop - it is brown in the original painting, but looks much better as green!

Medium : watercolour, coloured pencil


  1. Wow - that's so close to real! Well done. :)

  2. Jejune I have just had a vision.

    I'm sure there's a new market there, in this knitting obsessed world we inhabit - knit-painting!!! I love that teapot picture - you should do some more! I'm sure there's a niche there.

    No, really.

  3. Way ahead of you Bells ;) I did a pretty thorough web search late last year, and I couldn't find practically any knit-related paintings... so it's definitely on my mind!

  4. gorgeous! the whole concept of knitting painting made me laugh out loud - people will be wanting tshirts next :)

  5. wow, u r talented jejune. It's lovely.

  6. Thank you ladies - blush - :)
    I actually already have a Cafe Press store set up, maybe I should be putting knitting watercolours up there instead of my collages (which don't sell)?

  7. cute! and what about collages using only pictures of knitted fabrics? (or an obvious amount of knitted fabrics).


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