15 March 2007

It's that time of year again

It's our 22nd wedding anniversary today! We can't go out tonight - hubby has to give a public lecture, that he couldn't get out of - and I honestly wasn't expecting to do or get anything... but this morning he gave me these! Real diamond and ruby :D

Hubby has severe CFS/ME so his life consists of dragging himself to work, collapsing into bed as soon as he gets home, sleeping badly, in a lot of pain, and then falling out of bed the next morning to do it again. His workplace is not sympathetic or understanding, on the whole. Not much fun, to put it mildly. The fact that he managed to get to the shops is pretty major, actually.

He's just started a gluten-free diet, which does seem to help a few of his symptoms (but he's not coeliac, he's had all the tests). I've got a couple of new gluten-free cookbooks, so maybe I can make some gluten-free goodies for him today.

(And yeah, I love the challenge of cooking for my diabetic daughter and my gluten-intolerant hubby. Not.)

Here's my first Time Thief hat (from Taph's Blog), which I'll donate to the cause at the Harlot Happening next Thursday. It's all done in 12 ply pure wool. Blue is courtesy of Taph, and creamy white was some Little Bo Peep wool still in its plastic bag, which I got from Salvos last year some time.

I've started a second one, using very coarse thick natural wool - I don't know if I'll persevere with it, though, as the wool is pretty unpleasant to knit with. Maybe slighter bigger needles would give a better result?

I've tried another knitting painting, but it was no good... ends up just looking like a pattern illustration rather than a work of art! It's quite difficult, really. I may work with simple pencil drawings for a while and see how they turn out. Hmm, maybe there's a reason there aren't many knitting paintings out there?!


  1. Your hat is almost as beautiful as your earrings. Happy anniversary. :)

  2. happy anniversary! I'm a big fan of rubies. Hubby chose well!

    And keep going with the paintings. You'll find the right touch.

  3. Those are such lovely earrings. Happy Anniversary!

  4. happy anniversary :)
    as for the super-mum requirements of late - yarn-hug! you know everyone appreciates you for it.. andlife may be hard work but its better than what comes next right?

  5. Congratulations! They're very lovely earrings. I hope you have a wonderful dinner!

  6. Thanks everyone :)

    I cooked some really *good* steaks (you know, the expensive ones that are actually tender?) in a mushroom / brandy / French mustard / green peppercorn sauce, with honey ginger carrots, steamed potatoes (for most of us - dotter had multigrain bread), and salad. Very yummy!

  7. Congratulations on your anniversary. I have several friends with CFS and one with the CFS/ME combo your husband has. Actually, all is not lost on the diabetice CFS/ME combo. This friend with CFS/ME (who IS also coeliac) has found that a low GI diet has been REALLY beneficial for her. In the meantime, I have lots of GF recipes; just let me know what it is you're trying to replace and I can probably find the replacement for you or ask my friend what she does : )

  8. Thanks knittingkate... hubby isn't diabetic, it's dotter who is - the main pain is in trying to cater for two quite different diets at each main meal :/

    We went to a gluten-free food fair last weekend, and I got a couple of cookbooks which I'm slowly investigating. I are learning!


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