22 March 2007

Toe Up Socks and the Mysterious Cast On

OK, so it's time to give these toe-up socks a try... on Bells' recommendation, I'm using the Wendy Knits Generic Toe-Up Pattern. I've finished the toe, no worries.

So, I'm up to the bit where you unravel the provisional cast-on (the crocheted chain is the orange bit), and put the new freed up live stitches onto needles, and way hey hey, we're off knitting the foot!

BUT - and this has happened to me before - firstly the cable cast-on doesn't want to unravel - I'm going to have to pull it out stitch by stitch, or cut it out. And - most annoying of all - the resulting line of stitches most definitely are NOT live, but just look like the bottom edge of a normal cast-on - so I'll have to pick up stitches anyway! It doesn't warrant unpicking, but I'm clearly getting something wrong, and I don't know what - must be the way I'm knitting 'into the centre loops of the back side of the chain' when I cast on.

So - please - any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?!


  1. Bugger! I'm afraid that will happen to me on my steeked jacket.

    I've alerted Julie to your dilemma and hopefully she'll come to the rescue shortly!

  2. I think maybe I'm knitting 'full stitches' instead of just pulling a loop through, when I pick up the stitches?


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