08 March 2007

BooHoo YaHoo...

You know the cute little Yahoo Avatars (mine's at the right)... well, I figured I'd send Yahoo some requests for backgrounds (Aussie outback, rain forest, artist's studio, swimming pool and a few others), new hobby items (KNITTING stuff!), and more Plus Sizes clothes (cos they look like real people, but only have 13 outfits, cos clearly fat chicks have the fashion taste of a stuffed newt and hate new clothes, while there are about a zillion stick insect outfits).

And the reply I got was basically saying how they are "committed to answering your questions as quickly an [yeah, an instead of and, ironic really given what comes next] accurately as possible", and then explaining how to use Yahoo avatars. Proving that no-one with a brain had actually READ my email AT ALL. Hubby reckons the response was automatically generated... with typos?!

I've replied very nicely saying Well duh Yes, thank you, I do know how to use Avatars, I'm just putting in a request for your artists to do some stuff. No reply yet. But I have tried to get knitting paraphernalia into the 'Extras / Hobbies' section... not even vaguely important or anything, but, yeah, you know....

20 seconds later....

Oh - they just replied, and said :

"Thank you for your suggestions regarding Yahoo! Mail. It is through user comments and feedback that we are able to continue to develop and improve our service. We will be forwarding a copy of your message to the
Yahoo! Mail team as a product suggestion."

So yeah, maybe it'll happen!


  1. "The Yahoo Mail team is located in a big wire room with a close fitting lid". . .oh, sorry, that's the trash can.
    But it's STILL the Yahoo mail team office. I tried to get them to do slightly older avatars. No dice. I made my own in Photoshop, but it looks a little sinister. Still got a way to go.

  2. Go Jejune! Make Yahoo listen. I got a similar automated response to my mail problem. If they'd actually read my original email requesting assistance they would have know I'd tried the first 15 things in the patronising little response!

  3. Good work! It pays to be persistent!

  4. ah hahahaha user friendly internet services?! never!! ive been a slack commentor and you have been very busy, the collage is gorgeous and designing a sweater for self makes my blood run cold. and thats one lucky lamb - another minute and that cat would have been licking its lips :)

  5. Ooooh, gorgeous kitties! I'm a complete sucker for sleek, placid looking cats. What a bugger to have to frog the sweater. As for Blogger/ Yahoo/Google - NO ONE generates email response there. They are NOT interested! If they were they would publish clear instructions on how to put buttons on side bars!

    Thanks for your support re preggo. I've decided that this is probably going to be the way thing are for this pregnancy and so I may as well just build a bridge and get over it! Thankfully, the bubs is doing well, so this will be my focus!

  6. That's the thing with yahoo. I throw them of the window when my account got hacked. I could provide proof that the account was mine but those lazybums kept sending automated replies that seems like they are reading your mails. Koudos, great cust serv. I had lots of sentimental stuff there from my 10 yrs with them too. Boo.

  7. Quinn, I just noticed they've added 'Grey Side Swept Hair' for women - which I think is the first grey hair for the Avatars... so a small step towards recognising that some of us computer savvy people out there are - gasp older than 20!

    They've just sent me a Yahoo! Customer Care feedback questionnaire... heh heh heh...


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