20 March 2007

The joys of renting, Part 2

Bloody hell. The owner has asked for a valuation of the house. Although the receptionist said that this could be because she wants to refinance or is 'just interested in knowing' - I strongly doubt she would have flown down to Canberra for the weekend just to look over the house if she wasn't thinking of something major. So, unless we can stay on, we're going to have to find a new place to rent when Canberra's rental market is the worst in history, and we have a dog (ie a second-class citizen when it comes to renting). Damn it!

And yeah, going to do my best to take it one day at a time, cross each bridge when we get to it, blah blah blah - but having been a renter all my life, I know this game inside out, am sick of it, and hate being told what to do, and when to do it, by other people!


  1. you know i so sympathise and wont bore you with the usual platitudes. i hate the not-knowing most. why cant she just get honest and tell you whats really going on then you wouldnt need to bloody panic. frickin' landlords. down with private property. bring on the revolution!

  2. Yeah, the whole 'Oh, I'm going to be in Canberra this weekend, would it be OK if I visited?' crap - why not just say, "Look, I'm thinking of selling and need to look at the house." Why not treat us as adults - we *can* take it!

    Our regular (rather excellent) property manager is on holidays, funny that all this should happen while she's gone. She would have been much more honest with us.

    I'll have to put Lulu onto them...

  3. Ouch! Crossing fingers for you. :| I guess I'll be facing the same thing when I move over. You should unleash Lulu onto them.

  4. Oh, bummer.

    It's messed-up secretive system highly skewed towards property owners. (Then the tax system also rewards those who can buy more and more). As we were talking about the other day, there really should be a long term renting option that is a bit more dignified. I've been really lucky with renting so far (only one failed inspection in 13 years, and never a house put up for sale) ...and I know it's just dumb luck.

  5. yikes....as a fellow renter who has just had to find a house in Canberra, I've got knots in my stomach for you. hate it hate it hate it.

    Sick the lamb on them!


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