23 March 2007

Yarny Goodness

I won door prizes! It's so exciting; I was very lucky to come home from The Harlot Happening with just wonderful things! Profuse thanks to the very generous anonymous person/s who donated these prizes!!

I really needed the white Patonyle as I want to knit socks of a plain colour but with a fancy stitch pattern - so I may well dye this purple. The lace shawl kit is just divine - perfect 2ply blue-purple laceweight soft wool, an Addi Circular needle (bamboo), and the pattern for Eunny Jang's Print O'The Wave Stole.

Spidey actually won A Gathering of Lace, but she already has a copy, so we effected a (very generous) deal. Dotter and I are over the moon, thank you Spidey, and both happily planning new projects.

And I have been remiss - my hubby bought this for me when he drove up to Sydney a few weeks ago - he stopped at The Australian Alpaca Centre in Berrima, and called me to check what would be good (isn't he well trained?!)... so I have 2 balls of a deep burgundy (the colour's a little pink in the photo) 100% Australian Coolaroo Alpaca. It's actually produced by The Australian Alpaca Centre, too. Enough for ... hmmmm ... a beret?


  1. you scored big time!!!! Hope you have more luck with purple dye than I did!!!

    And your hubby is exceedingly well trained. he did well!

  2. ooooh that lace weight is soooo pretty - i just want to touch it!!

  3. you have got the carla pattern, right? :)

  4. I am amazed at all of the wonderful things you're doing lately ...

    You're one mighty creative AND productive woman!

    Enjoying your blog ...
    Your Pal in the US,

  5. P.S. I can finally post comments on your blog, thanks to Safari!

  6. As you can see, I like posting comments so much ...

  7. Hey Cindy - great that you can comment at last! Go Safari :D

    Bells - I'll be using that Wilton's food colouring paste stuff that we got from The Essential Ingredient the other day, so hopefully it will be pretty strong. Mind you, I don't mind if it goes pale and isn't a solid colour.

    Margie - where is the Carla beret pattern? I'm not sure that I *do* have it, actually... I know it's your favourite ;)

    And Kuka - yes, it's gorgeous, isn't it! Hmmm, OK, if I have it with me at the next SnB and you're there, I may let you fondle it... for a few seconds, and under tight security. Lulu is my body guard, so look out! LOL!


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