19 March 2007

Casting On

Here's my painting from today (so nice to have a holiday!)... The featured yarn is my first ball of Opal, with dear dotter gave me for Christmas. It's a long-tail cast on, over doubled-needles to keep the cast on loose for a pair of socks.

I need to actually knit these socks for real, to be in the Harlot Happening photo on Thursday night, although I am considering trying a toe-up sock this time. Maybe ;)

This design is up on my Knitting Art site.


  1. oh I think that's my favourite yet! the detail in the double cast on!!! Exquisite!

  2. I love your cups and saucers too! Do you own all these pretties or do you borrow them?
    Your paintings are lovely.

  3. I actually have a pretty big collection of lovely china cups and saucers, around 15 or so? So the ones in the paintings are all mine (so far anyway!). Mostly cast offs from family, a few were gifts, and a few picked up at op shops.

    The chrysanthemum cup is a special one - it used to belong to my grandmother, who died last year, and I was allowed to choose one cup from her collection... this was it.


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